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Even better, its battery lasts more than two weeks with one full charge.  The rose gold toothbrush combines revolutionary gum guard technology, 360 SmartRing, and a pressure control alert to let you know when you're brushing too hard.

If you are one of the 150 million-plus people worldwide who subscribe to Amazon Prime for Classic Litrature the free two-day shipping ($15 per month or $140 per year), Prime Video is included with the service. If you don't have an Amazon Prime account, you can still subscribe to Prime Video for $9 a month, which is one dollar less than Netflix's Basic Plan, and a few bucks more than Hulu's base ad-supported plan. How to get Prime Video  The setup works in two ways. Prime Video subscribers can add on subscriptions to HBO, Classical Books Showtime, Starz, Paramount Plus and several other channels for an extra monthly cost as well.

Jolie, special envoy for UN refugee agency UNHCR, said she hoped the book would also remind governments of their commitment to the global treaty enshrining children's civil, social, political and economic rights.

On the other hand, Prime Video is more of a companion service to Netflix and Classical Books Hulu, and weaker overall than both. If you don't already have a Prime subscription we'd definitely recommend choosing one of those two first -- but chances are you already get Amazon's video part for free. It can't replace Netflix's massive catalog of originals and hit shows, and can't compete with Hulu's vast collection of TV both old and newly aired.

But Prime Video doesn't run regular advertising, so you won't see ads for things like soda or trucks during any commercial breaks in your programming. Another perk: Prime Video is generally ad-free. The exception is within the Freevee category. You may see a short promo for an Amazon Original before a show.

Aside from The Matrix and Blade Runner, there's little Spanish gem Timecrimes, Moon (starring Sam Rockwell) and Monsters (directed by Gareth Edwards). HBO Max is stuffed with classic sci-fi flicks, as well as smaller gems well worth a watch.

The company says it will invest $3.7 billion in the three states, and it will convert about 3,000 temporary workers to full-time status with benefits. And in Michigan, the company will add 2,000 jobs at three assembly plants as well as another 1,200 at other facilities. A factory near Cleveland will be expanded so it can build an unidentified new electric commercial vehicle, with 1,800 new jobs.
A plant in Claycomo, Missouri, near Kansas City, that makes big electric and combustion-engine vans will get a third shift of 1,100 workers.

Amazon's Original series stand out for the amount of critical acclaim they've received: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Fleabag, Good Omens, The Man In The High Castle, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and Mozart in the Jungle all were nominated for or won Emmy awards in the past few years. Content: Critically acclaimed TV, and loads of movies that are... less so Prime Video lists more than 200 Amazon Original series and movies on the site -- larger than Hulu's 100 or so originals, and smaller than Netflix's collection of 2,000. These shows are typically made available on the platform a full season at a time. 

This £27 cooling blanket... 'I truly feel like a new woman': Shoppers reveal how vitamin... Thousands of shoppers rate this 'loose, comfortable summer... Hot nights disrupting your sleep? 'Lovely summer trainers!': You can snap up a pair of these...

BEIRUT, June 21 (Reuters) - Lebanese banks said the country's draft agreement with the International Monetary Fund was "unlawful" and "unconstitutional" in a letter sent to the IMF by an adviser of the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) and seen by Reuters.

Delivery was quick, and they were packaged well. A third penned: 'These wedge sandals are a great fit and so soft.
I like the tan colour, they are stylish but still very comfortable. I've just ordered a black pair as I love them so much.' The medium-sized heel is great for me as I do a lot of walking, so these will be perfect for spring and summer.

Is paying for Prime Video worth it if you don't have Amazon Prime?  Depends on what you're looking for in a streaming service. If you're a big fan of movies (good, bad and everything in between), a Prime Video subscription might be worth it for the extensive film catalog -- especially if you can use it to replace pricey digital rentals. The growing collection of quality Amazon Originals is also a big draw -- especially since there are no ads in any shows. And the large number of 4K HDR offerings is a plus for those with 4K TVs. 

I think VR in the business context and for specific industries, is phenomenal. Obviously, there are just so many examples of success with Pokemon Go, as well as the early experiences that Nintendo 3DS brought to bear with the AR cards and some of the games. There's a ton of training being done with the use of VR, whether it's in the law enforcement community, for surgeries and Amazon things of that nature.


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