This wireless bra that 'feels like a second skin' …

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Easy to pull on and off, the bras are made from a super stretchy polyamide and elastane blend and are available in black, nude and white and in sizes small (30A cup equivalent) through to 4XL (44E cup).

BERLIN, Nov 29 (Reuters) - German labour unions on Monday secured a 2.8% wage increase for over a million public sector workers at the federal state level, a deal analysts said would not kick off a dangerous wage price spiral in Europe's largest economy.

The battery is really good, and I like how it remembers where you got up to. 'Don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner,' one five-star reviewer wrote. 'So many books to choose from and loads even free.

And the $50 price tag remains intact for this fourth generation. Along with the footprint, the niche the Dot seeks to fill hasn't changed: it's an entry point to smart speakers, the route to try Alexa without breaking the bank.

Its combination of a clever voice assistant and impressive hardware packed into a tiny device with an even tinier price made it wildly and understandably popular (in sheer number of buyer reviews, it dwarfs every other Echo device on Amazon's online Book Store). 2018's third-gen Echo Dot has been one of the best smart speakers in the short history of smart speakers.

It improves the sound of 2018's Echo Dot, and the new design is fresh, if not revelatory. Waiting for Go(Dot) The 2020 Echo Dot is a solid device. But Amazon seems to have saved its true innovations for other devices this generation -- adding better smart home control to the full-size Echo and more interesting features to the Kids Edition. 

And you won't even need to buy any titles as it comes with a free three month trial of Kindle Unlimited, giving you free access to millions of fiction and non-fiction titles as well as the latest celebrity autobiographies.

The oscillation is a very wide angle, so great for keeping the whole room cool.' One impressed user raved: 'I was after a quiet fan for the bedroom and wasn't disappointed.
I can easily sleep while on low, not too loud.

Last year's Dot with Clock was a great device, adding a small-but-useful upgrade to the Dot. These alternative Dots use the exact same basic hardware, but they're more exciting products in part because they represent something beyond simple iterative improvement. They feel more sensitive to customer needs. This year's Kids Dot adds a fun tiger- or panda-themed design and genuinely interesting kid-facing content that you won't get on other Echo devices without a subscription (the Kids Dot comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+, which normally costs $3/month).

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Amazon, like its competitors, profits immeasurably from people using their devices, talking to Alexa, teaching their technology and providing vast amounts of private data for free. This is the problem of voice technology, and it remains mostly unchanged with this new Dot. I've written extensively about the problems of this structure, both for market competition and for individual privacy. Using a Dot, as with any Echo device, requires you to use an Amazon account, which means agreeing to the company's terms and conditions. With this continual impressiveness, though, does come the trade-off of privacy.

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Easy to pull on and off, the bras are made from a super stretchy polyamide and elastane blend and are available in black, nude and white and in sizes small (30A cup equivalent) through to 4XL (44E cup).

That said, though some of the novelty has worn off, it's still worth standing in awe of what companies like Amazon and Google have accomplished in such an affordable product. This is not a speaker that will envelop you in music, but it's useful for casual listening nonetheless -- and at least marginally better than the current Nest Mini and third-gen Echo Dot.

For those on a tighter budget, the 3rd Gen hockey puck-shaped smart speaker is now on sale for Book Review £25.99. The Alexa-equipped Echo can do it all, including help controlling compatible appliances and devices like robot vacuum cleaners, home security, lights and heating - all with a simple voice command. 

Dot, Dot, Dot… My disappointment in the new Echo Dot is more general than acute: not every new generation can revitalize a device (as the third-gen full-size Echo demonstrated), but a little more creativity would be nice to see. The new Dot doesn't even include Amazon Sidewalk support -- one of the most interesting connectivity features of the new Echo smart speaker and the upcoming Echo Show 10. Where Amazon appears to be innovating now is not in the standard Dot, but rather in its alternatives, the Dot with Clock and the Kids Edition Dot.


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