Obamas find new podcast home at Audible after Spotify exit

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And you won't even need to buy any titles as it comes with a Free Novels three month trial of Kindle Unlimited giving you free access to millions of fiction and non-fiction titles as well as the latest celebrity autobiographies.

Marsden said Amazon referred him to what the company called a "neutral resource" on privacy issues: Stacey Gray of the Future of Privacy Forum.
Amazon has long funded the Future of Privacy Forum, budgeting $100,000 for the group in 2018, according to a public-policy planning document from the prior year. At one hearing, Marsden called Gray his "phone-a-friend" for any legislator with questions.

It's also sturdy and durable.' Now, that I have this Kindle e-reader I can't believe how much I enjoy reading with it.  The back light works great for me, especially when I want to curl up in the evening with a good read. The battery life is awesome, I don't feel like I have to recharge very often.

Debra Ruh said last month that her group had concerns with Cunningham´s bill "long before working with Amazon." She apologized for her earlier, incorrect statement that she had never worked with Amazon, saying she was "caught off guard" by the question. She declined further comment on her work with the company.

(Writing by Rachel More Editing by Madeline Chambers and David Goodman) The office has used the rules to open parallel investigations into Google's terms and conditions for data processing and the Google News Showcase, as well as tech giants Facebook and Amazon.

Three delivery service partners said at 2pm ET that an Amazon app used to communicate with delivery drivers and track packages is down. This left vans that were supposed to deliver parcels sitting idle with no communication from the company, according to Bloomberg.

Among the few Virginia legislators opposing the bill was Ibraheem Samirah. He said he received two unsolicited political donations of $1,000 from Amazon, one about five months before the bill was considered, the other about two months after.

BERLIN, June 21 (Reuters) - Germany's cartel office launched an investigation of Google Germany and parent Alphabet Inc on Tuesday over possible anti-competitive restrictions on the Google Maps platform.

In its statement, Amazon acknowledged that its representatives "regularly remind" politicians of the many Amazon workers in their districts, but said the company would never use job creation as "legislative leverage." Amazon said it did not discuss its plans for a second headquarters with Illinois officials in the context of the geolocation bill it opposed.

Amazon went down across the globe, frustrating thousands of users who are trying to purchase Christmas gifts. DownDetector , a site that monitors online outages, shows North America, parts of Europe and Asia were all experiencing issues

The data Amazon amasses includes Alexa voice recordings; videos from home-camera systems; personal health data from fitness trackers; and data on consumers´ web-searching and buying habits from its e-commerce business.

The Virginia law allows technology companies to track consumer searches on their platforms to create marketing profiles. It gave tech companies exemptions to collect and Classic Book analyze smart-speaker recordings without customer consent.
And it prevented consumers from suing companies over privacy violations.

Amazon sellers also reported they were unable to log into Seller Central, an internal website used to manage customer orders, according to The outage came during the company's critical holiday shopping season and could potentially create lasting log-jams at a time when there is already a critical crunch on the supply chain.

In California, the e-commerce giant has undermined three efforts to require companies to notify consumers or get their permission before storing or sharing their voice recordings, according to Amazon documents and interviews with legislators.

One 2018 document reviewing executives´ goals for the prior year listed privacy regulation as a primary target for Carney.
One objective: "Change or block US and EU regulation/legislation that would impede growth for Alexa-powered devices," referring to Amazon´s popular voice-assistant technology. The mission included defeating restrictions on artificial intelligence and biometric technologies, along with blocking efforts to make companies disclose the data they keep on consumers.

Amazon did not comment on its drafting of the legislation or its lobbying strategy, but said it had "strong relationships" with Virginia politicians.
The company said it supported the Virginia bill because it afforded certainty to businesses while protecting consumer data.

Amazon said the 2018 document listing Carney´s goals to defeat privacy regulation is "out-of-date" and does not reflect the company´s current public-policy objectives.
The company said it has opposed "poorly crafted" state privacy bills. It said it would prefer a federal law that "requires transparency about data practices, prohibits the sale of personal data without consent, and ensures that consumers have the right to request access to and delete their personal information."


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